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Hydrovac Services in Grande Prairie


In the past, the complicated web of pipes, cables, and utility lines that lie beneath the ground have posed a great challenge to builders and excavators. Today, however, there exists a range of vacuum excavation equipment designed to get around these obstacles in the most minimally invasive way possible.

There are excavation units that dig with air, as well as units that dig with water. Both are productive in vacuuming up any obstructive debris and transferring it into a holding tank on a heavy duty truck-mounted or trailer-mounted unit.

Hydro excavation systems are easily the most productive vacuum excavation systems available. Designed to work effectively in even the most challenging conditions, Our hydrovac service delivers results; it is capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Locating and digging safely around buried infrastructure
  • Safely dig through tough soil conditions (including clay, caliche, and rocky soils)
  • Break though and dig up frozen ground (as low as -40C)
  • Digging over 50’ deep

Hydrovac Applications

Hydrovac Daylighting

Also known as potholing, daylighting is so named because, through vacuum excavation, it literally shines the light of day onto buried infrastructure. Unlike the conventional methods of digging directly into the soil with a backhoe, daylighting poses a super low risk to damaging buried utilities. Daylighting is a much safer process and the increased productivity it brings to your project can lead to lower costs overall.

A super productive tool, contractors can get the job done in less time using hydro-excavation systems. On average, a hydrovac excavator is 300% more efficient than an air vacuum unit for daylighting projects.

Common Uses:

  • Visual confirmation of buried pipes and lines
  • Sacrificial anode installation
  • Test holes for directional drilling
  • Crossings for pipeline and utilities
  • Test holes for Subsurface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.)

Remove Debris and Clean Out Tanks

Hydrovacs can remove just about any kind of material, wet or dry. Soil, water, sludge, spills, debris and everything in-between can be carried from a remote distance to the truck. Hydrovac crews are instrumental in the clean up after natural disasters. With the ability to clear away mud, water, and debris from hard-to-reach places, life is able to return to normal much sooner than in the past thanks to this innovative technology.

Common Material Removal With A Hydrovac:

  • Ballast
  • Filter media
  • Debris from the inside of buildings and structures

After materials have been removed, a hydrovac can utilize its pressurized water system to further clean the area. Furthermore, this tool can be used for cleanouts, including—but not limited to—the following:

  • Frac tanks
  • Road and box Culverts
  • Pipe-rammed casings

Make Holes The Fast Way

Hydrovac technology is ideal for creating piling and pole holes. The precise and efficient process removes the fear of harming underground utilities. In addition, it won’t disturb any of the surrounding area.

Pole Holes

Hydro excavation can dig installation holes in a range of diameters and depths. This process is perfect for all types of poles including, but not limited to, power line poles, communication poles, traffic signs, light standards, fence posts, etc. Depending on soil conditions, hydrovac trucks can dig from 10 to 30 (24’’ diameter x 7’ deep) poles a day! Hydrovacs are also useful for pole remove as well as they’re able to get in, get out, leaving behind just a trace of their presence.

Piling Holes

For structural support foundations, hydro excavation systems can dig to a variety of diameter and depths. Piling holes can be precisely dug via hydrovac for exploratory purposes. In addition, for end-bearing piles, hydro excavation systems present an efficient means to get the job done.

Make Room for Underground Operations

Hydro excavation presents a safe and efficient way to the dig service repair pits necessary to install and repair underground infrastructure. The productivity of hydro excavation results a job well done in half the time it takes for conventional methods. Overall, this increased efficiency adds to the value of utilities projects that involve service repair pits.

Useful Applications:

  • Telecommunication splice pits
  • Gas service pits
  • Electric cable repair pits
  • Water main and sewer service repair pits

Shore Up Your Walls

Securing, or “shoring” the wall of an excavated site can be safely and successfully executed using a hydrovac. By first daylighting and locating any underground lines, the Hydrovac can suck material from inside the cage and sink shoring into place. With minimal impact to the environment and building site, the walls are secured in a safe and cost effective manner that conforms to all regulatory standards. Installing shoring in this manner enhances worker safety and can help to lower overall costs.

Shoring Installation By Hydrovac Delivers:

  • Shoring shields and cages
  • Minimal environmental disturbance
  • Maintains ground reliability
  • Ideal excavation size
  • Able to install in limited areas
  • Prevents cave-ins and sloughing
  • Lowers costs
  • Provides safe access to buried infrastructure

Dig The Perfect Trench

Commonly used for exploratory or installation services, Hydrovacs are ideal for digging slot trenches. The precise manner in which a hydrovac operates makes excavating a trench a safe and productive task. The versatility of hydro excavators makes them able to meet a range of width and/or depths for installations, removals, or investigative work.

Common Uses:

  • Exploratory, perimeter, slot trenching
  • Cable or conduit installation or removal
  • Installation for drain tiles
  • Line repairs

Industries Served

Hydrovac Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

Due to the volatile nature of the product, the Oil & Gas industry stresses the importance of maintaining the quality and safety of their underground lines. Minimally invasive, non-destructive methods for excavating and exposing this infrastructure are of the utmost importance. Many facility owners insist in specifying that all such excavations be performed via hydrovac.

Hydro excavation services can be found in almost every sector of the Oil & Gas Industry; from production, refineries, and pipelines. Virtus Services is here when you need reliable, quality hydrovac excavation services for your sites and projects in Grande Prairie & the surrounding areas.

Hydrovac Services for the Industrial Applications

Every type of industrial facility contains a maze of underground pipes and cables that keep the lights on, water running, and operations smoothly running. Every industry, from manufacturing to processing, needs to keep this underground infrastructure well maintained to ensure that their operations run smoothly. Needless to say, significant delays in production, damage to the property or personal injuries may result whenever any of these facilities are damaged.

Hydrovacs are an ideal solution for maintaining the underground infrastructure in an industrial setting. The minimal risk and ability to reach remote areas is an ideal feature that hydro excavation is able to provide for industrial facilities. Hyrdovacs are able to excavate or remove obstructive debris.

Hydrovac Services for Power Stations

Coal and gas power stations as well as nuclear plants and green energy plants all pose challenges when it comes to safe excavation. The capability of Hydrovacs to safely and efficiently excavate or remove materials from hundreds of feet away is a feature that is essential for working on projects in the power industry.

Such facilities contain a large amount of buried pipes and cables, often with limited access. However, the challenges that present themselves both above and below ground are easily overcome with the non-destructive nature of hydro excavation.

Hydrovac Services for Utility Companies

In the Electric, Gas, Telecom, and Water & Sewer sectors, hydro excavation services can bring increased safety and profits to utility owners, contractors, and engineers.

Even high traffic areas, congested with underground municipal infrastructure, are easily accessible with a Hydrovac. The minimally invasive technique and ability to access areas away from the truck make hydro excavation an ideal solution for maintaining utility pipes and lines.

Hydrovac Services for the Transportation Industry

The minimally invasive excavation technique that Hydrovac services provides is ideal for accessing the infrastructure hidden beneath our airports, highways, and rail systems.

The amount of underground services that pass underneath these areas pose a significant risk to the smooth flow of transportation should there be any disruption or damage to them. A substantial loss of revenue could be seen if they are not fixed quickly.

The high rate of productivity that hydro excavation provides greatly minimizes the time needed to excavate utilities. Furthermore, the non-destructive nature cuts the risk of damaging any lines and therefore increasing the time it takes to get things back up and running.

Hydrovac Services for Engineering Applications

Hydro excavators increase the options that Engineers have to solve challenging projects. Engineers commonly dig test holes to locate underground facilities. Virtus Services’ hydrovacs present an efficient and cost-effective solution for the job.

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